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Federal Perkins Loan

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Federal Perkins Loan

The Perkins Loan is a low-interest (5 percent) loan for both undergraduate and graduate students. Colorado State University is your lender and the loan is made with government loan funds. You must repay this loan to Colorado State University.

Cancellation and Deferment Information
Cancellation and Deferment Forms


Be a Smart Borrower

  • Keep all your loan documents! This simple piece of advice is one of the most important. You will have problems later if you can not find your promissory note, can not remember what type of loans you received or do not know who you are supposed to repay or how you go about postponing (deferring) repayment if you should have financial difficulties. Keep a file of all documents connected with your loans from the time you first get a loan, so you will always have what you need in one place. Then, you will not be confused about what you are supposed to do or who you are supposed to contact if you have questions.
  • Whenever you talk to your lender or loan servicer, keep a record of the person you talked to, the date you had the conversation, and what was said. If you send letters, always include your loan account number, and keep copies of those letters (and the responses you receive) in your file. That way, you will know who said what and when, which can help you avoid problems and misunderstandings.
  • Notify your school and/or loan holder in writing if you move, change your name or Social Security Number or reenroll in school. You must ensure your loan holder will not lose track of you. If that happens, you could miss payments and become delinquent (late). Also, your loan could be sold, and you won’t know who has it or where to send payments because you could not be notified. WE DON'T KNOW YOU MOVED OR ARE GOING TO SCHOOL SOMEPLACE ELSE UNLESS YOU TELL US!
  • Ask questions if there is something you do not understand or if you are having trouble making payments. Do not wait until things become too tough—ask for help from your loan holder or loan servicer right away!

Federal Perkins Loan Terms and Conditions

Provisions and Repayment Options Federal Perkins Health Professions
Fixed Interest Rate 5% 5%
Eligible for Loan Consolidation yes yes
Initial Grace Period 9 months 1 year
Maximum Repayment Period 10 years 10 years
* Minimum Repayment Installment * $40/month * $15/month
Equal Installments yes yes

Federal Perkins Loan Rehabilitation

The U.S. Department of Education has implemented a change to the Perkins Loan Regulations that allows rehabilitation of defaulted Perkins Loans. If your Perkins Loan with Colorado State University is in default please read the information below.

Rehabilitation Provisions and Benefits:
Perkins Loan borrowers in default may rehabilitate their loan by making 12 on-time, consecutive monthly payments for the amounts owed on the loan as determined by Colorado State University. After the 12th on-time payment, Colorado State University will request that all defaults are removed from the borrowers's credit history. In addition, the borrower will be returned to regular payment status, and all University holds (placed on account as a result of the loan delinquency) will be removed. The borrower will also begin a new 10 year repayment program including the 12 payments made during the 12 month rehabilitation. Eligible borrowers are given a one-time opportunity to complete a rehab. Once a borrower successfully completes a rehab the borrower is unable to rehab the loan again should you go back into default.

Borrower Responsibilities:
To take advantage of this new loan rehabilitation provision, you must contact Student Loans Receivable and request rehabilitation, make 12 on-time payments for the exact amount prescribed in the signed rehabilitation agreement, and comply with all provisions stated in the original Perkins promissory note.

Student Loan Holds

There are two types of Student Loan Holds.
A Student Loan Hold (SLN Hold) is placed on past due Perkins and HPL student loan accounts. This hold restricts your access to many University services including registration, release of official transcript, and receipt of diploma.
To remove your hold, you must bring your account current. Once your student loan account is current, contact Student Loans Receivable at (970) 491-6467 to remove your hold.

Student Loan Exit Hold (SLNE Hold); Federal regulations require Perkins and HPL borrowers who graduate, withdraw, fall below half-time enrollment to complete an Exit Interview Session.
To complete your Exit requirement stop by 555 S. Howes St., Room 110, call (970) 491-6467 to request a packet, or email us a request at (include your name and student ID #). Once we receive the completed Exit Packet and it is accepted by our office, we will remove your Exit Hold. This hold restricts your access to many University services including release of an official transcript and receipt of diploma.

Student Loan Privacy Policy (FERPA)

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99), a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records, Colorado State University Student Loans Receivable Office may only disclose student loan account information directly to the borrower of the student loan. If you, the borrower, would like to allow another person access to your student loan account information, then you must send a signed letter to CSU Student Loans Receivable Office authorizing the individual access to your student loan account.

FERPA Release Form
For more information about FERPA please see the Department of Education, Privacy Policy (FERPA)

Student Loan Tax Credit Information

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 contain provisions relating to interest payment deductions on qualified education loans. Colorado State University will send eligible borrowers a letter and a 1098E form listing the amount of interest you paid for each tax year.*

Colorado State University staff does not provide tax advice. We urge you to learn more about these tax credits by consulting with your tax advisor.

*In mid-January of each year, borrowers who paid at least $5.00 and up to $599.99 in interest for the prior calendar year will receive an "FYI" letter stating the amount. ONLY borrowers who paid $600.00 or more in interest during the prior calendar year will receive an actual 1098E tax form.

Servicing your Federal Perkins Loan

Federal Perkins Loans are repaid to Colorado State University. These funds are revolving funds; By paying off your student loan in full you replenish loan funds and help future enrolled students with their financial obligation. Student Loans Receivable maintains your Perkins and/or HPL Loan after you leave Colorado State University. We review and process deferment and cancellation forms, rehabilitation agreements, automatic withdrawal applications, and all of your other customer service needs.

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