Access Applications and Signature Forms
Application for Kuali Financial SystempdfAug 2014
TEM Arranger ApplicationpdfApr 2015
TEM DHA ApplicationpdfMay 2015
Vista Plus User Account Request FormpdfApr 2015
Application for Authorized Business Function ApprovalspdfAug 2014
Application for Signature AuthorizationpdfMay 2014
ARIES User Account Request FormpdfJuly 2014
TWARBUS Access Request FormpdfMay 2012
Accounts Payable and Travel
Accounts Payable EFT FormWordNov 2014
Accounts Payable Stipend FormExcelApril 2007
AR Customer Form - TEMpdfMay 2015
Chartered Aircraft Approval FormpdfMay 2013
Expense Documentation Related to Authorized Business FunctionspdfMay 2013
Employee vs. Independent Contractor FormpdfNov 2015
Participant Disbursement LogLink Mar 2015
Reimbursement of Imprest Bank AccountExcelJuly 2013
State Travel Card - Cardholder AgreementWordApril 2012
State Travel Card - New Citibank Visa (form 1)ExcelApril 2012
State Travel Card - New Citibank Visa (form 2)pdfApril 2012
State Travel Card - Request for ATM/Cash Advance or Credit Limit IncreaseWordApril 2012
State Travel Event Card - Cardholder AgreementWordApril 2012
State Travel Event Card ApplicationpdfApril 2012
State Travel Event Card InstructionsWordApril 2012
State Travel Event Card Payment DocumentWordApril 2012
TEM Arranger ApplicationpdfApr 2015
PCARD Procedures - HiltonLinkApril 2011
PCARD Procedures - MarriottLinkApril 2011
W9pdfMar 2015
W-8BEN (Foreign Individuals)pdfNov 2014
Instructions W-8BEN (Foreign Individuals)pdfNov 2014
W-8BEN-E (Foreign Entities)pdfNov 2014
Instructions W-8BEN-E (Foreign Entities)pdfNov 2014
W-8EXP (Foreign Government/Other Organization)pdfNov 2014
Instructions W-8EXP (Foreign Government/Other Organization)pdfNov 2014
Accounting Misc
Agency Account RequestpdfMay 2014
Bad Debt Request FormpdfMar 2015
Banner Detail Code Request Form.pdfpdfMar 2015
Certificate of ScreeningWordMay 1997
CSU Off-Campus Equipment Check-out Worksheet (Sensitive Item)ExcelJan 2008
CSU/CSURF Equipment Line of CreditWordJuly 1999
CSUS/Municipal Leasing ProgramWordJuly 1999
CSUS/Municipal Leasing RequestWordJuly 1999
Educational Business Activities 22 Fund Budget Request-FY16ExcelMay 2015
Educational Business Activities 22 Fund Budget Request-FY15ExcelJuly 2014
Expenditure Budget Change RequestLinkJan 2010
Inventory CertificateExcelJune 2000
Inventory Count SheetExcelJune 2000
Inventory Count Sheet SummaryExcelJune 2000
Inventory Report for Cattle and HorsesExcelJune 2000
Inventory Report for Sheep and RamsExcelJune 2000
Journal EntriesExcelOct 2007
Recharge Center 21 Fund Budget Request- FY16ExcelMay 2015
Recharge Center 21 Fund Budget Request- FY15ExcelJuly 2014
Reserve Fund - Transfer Request FormpdfSept 2010
Accounting (Property)
Add Assets to the Property Management SystempdfSept 2014
Capital Equipment ChecklistpdfOct 2013
Inventory Action PlanpdfSept 2014
CSU Property Accountability - Authorized SignerspdfSept 2014
Equipment Accountability Change RequestLinkDec 2011
Equipment Acquisition Request (EAR)ExcelDec 2011
Banking Services
Change in Credit Card Clearing or Settlement Charge AccountpdfMay 2014
Change in Fund CustodianpdfMay 2014
Decrease or Close a FundpdfMay 2014
Increase in Existing FundpdfMay 2014
Credit Card Merchant ApplicationpdfAug 2014
Merchant PCI FormsWordDec 2013
Payment Gateway Authorization FormpdfMay 2014
Request for a Petty Cash or Change FundpdfMay 2014
Request for a Temporary Change FundpdfMay 2014